Issue 4 - Leadership And Concerted Action

Whether they work in daycare centres, associations, educational or health care institutions, municipal organizations, the private or public sector, or as volunteers, the people concerned will benefit from coordinating their activities and acting in synergy as they implement this Policy.


Ensure a coherent and clear division of responsibilities between the organizations at every level, and make sure that they work together

To get Quebecers to want to participate regularly in physical, sport and recreational activities, stakeholders must work together to create synergy between their missions, values and areas of intervention.

To that end, it is important to rely on the local, regional and provincial expertise acquired in educational institutions and municipal organizations, provincial recreational organizations, sports organizations in the education sector and sport federations.

Specific Measures

Clarify the responsibilities of sport and recreation organizations


  • the organization of sports in schools


  • opportunities for concerted action and partnership among the various ministries and organizations involved in physical, sport and recreational activities