Issue 2 - Quality of Experience

Participation in physical, sport and recreational activities is often motivated by a sense of gratification experienced in a variety of contexts.

It is therefore important that people of all ages be able to benefit from a variety of fun, pleasant, fulfilling and safe activities adapted to their preferences, needs, aspirations and, of course, their level of physical fitness. Appropriately trained volunteers and workers also help enhance these experiences and foster perseverance.


Provide a stimulating, respectful and safe environment adapted to participants' level of development

A safe and healthy environment conducive to enjoyment, satisfaction, perseverance and the desire to push the limits of achievement helps optimize the benefits of physical, sport and recreational activities.

It is also important to promote sportsmanship and safe and ethical behaviour. The presence of competent people who can convey the values associated with physical, sport and recreational activities is key in ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants. Level of competency often depends on the quality of training and professional development offered by sport and recreational organizations.

Specific Measures

Encourage elementary students and children in educational childcare centres to move for 60 minutes per day, in partnership with the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

Increase the amount of financial support for:

  • the recruitment of coaches for recognized Sport-études programs
  • the Population active program for seniors and people with handicaps, and provide financial assistance for schools participating in the École active program

Provide financial assistance for:

  • criminal record checks for employees and volunteers
  • training and professional development of attendants, facilitators, coaches, officials, counsellors, experts and volunteers
  • the implementation of a reference framework for municipal day camps
  • the development and implementation of measures designed to help young people with handicaps to be integrated into day camps
  • the discovery of activities that awaken Quebecers’ urge to get active


  • regular physical activity among girls


  • the deployment of the Swim to Survive program for Elementary Cycle Two students
  • the deployment of the Action Plan for the Prevention and Management of Concussions in Sports and Recreational Activities


  • multi-sport concentration programs for students in Elementary 5 and 6