Issue 3 - Promotion

The government and the organizations involved can deploy a variety of information, awareness and recognition strategies. Promotional strategies for the general public include:

  • raising awareness of the importance of unstructured play, sports, outdoor activities and recreational activities
  • disseminating information about the activities offered and available spaces
  • ensuring the participation of recognized leaders in the promotion of physical, sport and recreational activities
  • providing information and advice on safety and ethics
  • supporting volunteers
  • recognizing athletes


Promote physical, sport and recreational activities

The choice of leisure activities is, of course, a personal one. There are different ways, however, of getting more people to opt for and value physical, sport and recreational activities.

In addition to promoting the importance of physical, sport and recreational activities for the individual, awareness campaigns can influence public discourse and, by extension, the priorities of elected officials, opinion leaders and other key stakeholders.

Recognize and promote volunteering in physical, sport and recreational activities

The thousands of volunteers who are engaged in their community, many of whom are parents, make an invaluable contribution to the public well-being.

There are a number of challenges in the area of volunteering, mainly related to recruitment, training, loyalty, support and legal and civil liability. Also, thousands of volunteers are being asked to satisfy the organizations’ and the public’s growing expectations.

Promote high-performance sport and Québec’s international athletes

Québec’s elite athletes are its ambassadors around the world. And as proud ambassadors of Québec, medal-winning athletes are a source of pride, inspiration and motivation. We must showcase our athletes, hear about their achievements and praise their perseverance.

Specific Measures

Create a new program, Placements Loisirs, for matching private donations

Increase the funding for:

  • the Placement Sports program to match private donations

Increase the amount of financial assistance for:

  • communication activities aimed at recognizing the efforts, perseverance and achievements of Québec athletes
  • activities that promote volunteering or the recognition of volunteers, especially activities intended for young people
  • participatory events promoting the regular practice of physical, sport and recreational activities

Increase the amount of financial and professional assistance for:

  • the Jouez gagnant! program

Provide financial assistance for:

  • communities who encourage Quebecers to engage in regular physical, sport and recreational activities


  • the strategic monitoring and dissemination of scientific information

Confirm the new orientations of:

  • the Kino-Québec program and review its visual design