Student transportation

Student transportation is organized by the school board. Student transportation before the beginning of classes and after the end of classes each day is free of charge. Persons enrolled in adult education are not entitled to free transportation. 

The manner of organization of school transportation is determined by the school board. An advisory committee on transportation is formed to advise the school board on the planning, coordination, financing and administration of student transportation.

A school board that provides student transportation at noon to allow students to have their meal at home may claim the cost thereof from the students who elect to use that service.

A school board may, after determining the number of available seats, allow any person other than a person to whom it provides student transportation to use such transportation service until all available seats are filled, and determine the fare it requires for such transportation.

Students cannot demand school transportation if they live outside the area serviced by the school they attend, as determined by the school board.

Public transit authority

Where the transportation is provided under a contract with a public transit authority or with the holder of a bus transport permit within the meaning of government regulation, the school board may claim from a student that portion of the cost of the transportation pass that corresponds to service in addition to service before the beginning of classes and after the end of classes each day.

Standards for financial contributions

The government may establish standards for the financial contributions that may be required for student transportation. Work will be undertaken to establish these standards.