Childcare services provided at school

At the request of the governing board of a school, a school board must provide childcare for preschool and elementary school students on the school premises or, if the school does not have suitable premises, on other premises. The organization of these services is agreed upon with the governing board (Education Act, s. 256). 

The school board may require a financial contribution from parents for the use of childcare services provided at school and determine the applicable fee. The daily contribution for each student attending the childcare service for at least two partial or full periods per day three times a week is stipulated in the school boards’ budgetary rules. These services are governed by the Regulation respecting childcare services provided at school.

Standards for financial contributions

The government may establish standards for the financial contributions that may be required for childcare services provided at school. Work will be undertaken to establish these standards.

Childcare parents’ committee

At the request of parents, the governing board must form a childcare parents’ committee made up of the childcare provider, the school principal or the principal’s representative, and three to five parents elected by and from among the parents of children attending childcare.

The committee may make recommendations to the principal, governing board or school board on childcare services, in particular the financial contributions required.