Community Learning Centres

In 2006, the Community Learning Centres (CLC) initiative began in 15 English schools in Québec. These schools were selected by means of a competition among the province’s English schools and school boards.  

The Community Learning Centres initiative is intended to assist so-called traditional English schools to become community schools that combine education with other resources such as health and social services. CLCs also bring together various players dedicated to youth development, community involvement and family support. To date, a total of 37 Community Learning Centres have been created.

Each CLC is unique and reflects the culture of its community. All CLCs do, however, share the common goals of fostering a sustainable and beneficial relationship between the school and the community and encouraging the educational success of the students.

Four documents, including the framework for action, were designed to help participating schools make the transition from traditional school to community learning centre. There is also the Midterm Evaluation Report which contains the observations made during the first year of data collection on the community learning centres.

  • Resource Kit
  • Midterm Evaluation Report