Use of data from Relance Surveys

Relance surveys provide information that can be used to promote education, support the development of educational institutions and prepare people, according to their aptitudes, for a successful school-to-work transition.

These surveys also provide information, according to the programs of study, about the types of occupations held by recent graduates and the sectors of activity in which they work. The data is presented by subject (program), gender, field of study (subject area), administrative region and for Québec as a whole.

Several indicators based on Relance surveys are included in the document Indicateurs de l'éducation.

The Marché du travail component of the computerized directory Repères consists largely of the special processing of data from Relance surveys. Findings are also included in works produced by non-ministry publishers, such as Septembre éditeur and Éditions Jobboom, which are sold or distributed to the general public. They are also cited by various media.

Relance surveys also make it possible to conduct the Sondage auprès des employeurs.

Program Evaluation

Data from Relance surveys are also widely used by program evaluation specialists, career guidance counsellors, academic and career information specialists, Emploi-Québec and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

The main purpose of Relance surveys is to help students choose a program that is consistent both with their aspirations and with the labour market situation.

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