Relance Surveys

Employment Situation of Graduates

The Ministère seeks to harmonize training programs with the requirements of the labour market and Québec society.

One way to achieve this objective is by means of Relance surveys, which examine the employment situation of new vocational training, technical training and university graduates.

The Relance Survey of College Graduates: Technical Training and the Relance Survey of University Graduates holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees are conducted every second year. The survey of holders of doctoral degrees takes place approximately every four years. All of these surveys are conducted by telephone and online.

Relance surveys meet a need for accurate, relevant information on the hiring of new graduates, and the information is presented by program, training sector and region as well as for Québec as a whole. Several other data search procedures may be carried out on request.

Employer Surveys

Relance surveys may also be used to carry out a survey of employers who have recently hired graduates with whom the Ministère has communicated during one of its surveys.

This survey seeks to determine employers’ satisfaction with the knowledge, abilities skills and work attitudes of graduates of vocational training, technical training and university programs.

This survey may also be used to assess the graduates’ competency and performance, and to point out situations requiring improvement.


Since 2022, these documents have been available in French only.

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