Eligibility criteria

In keeping with the Action Strategy I Care About School! and the orientations of the Framework Policy Going the Healthy Route at School, the program’s criteria for projects are as follows:

  • Prioritize involvement in extracurricular activities by students at risk of dropping out, particularly boys, without excluding other Secondary I to Secondary V students.
  • Encourage greater participation by students with difficulties, such as those who have repeated a year, those with individualized education plans and those from disadvantaged areas, as well as those who currently take little or no part in extracurricular activities.
  • Implement measures through which students’ participation in extracurricular activities contributes to their progress in school.
  • Offer a wide range of sports or physical activities and cultural and community activities based on student needs, interests and aspirations as well as the characteristics of the community.  
  • Devote 40 per cent of the allocation to extracurricular activities of a cultural nature.
  • Offer physical activities and sports that are introductory, recreational and competitive and that encourage the adoption of a physically active lifestyle, rather than activities that focus on excellence, in order to reach as many young people as possible.
  • Focus on activities in which students are active (preparing, leading, acting) rather than passive (watching).