The papers presented and discussions held at the first Literacy Seminar in October 2006 called on Québec's literacy stakeholders to continue examining the following themes:

  • The perception and definition of literacy in occupational settings
  • The expression of the educational demand
  • Prevention and family literacy
  • Health and aging of the population
  • Mobilization of reading and writing competencies
  • Government policies

When, in April 2008, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) organized the Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum on the theme Literacy, more than words, this provided Québec with the opportunity to hold a second seminar as part of this event. In addition to the continued examination of the issues initially addressed in 2006, the overall objective of this seminar was to strengthen the efforts of all partners in the fight against illiteracy, with a view to maintaining and improving the population's basic skills.


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2015-04-16 Proceedings Literacy Seminar Forum2008 (450.8 ko)