We hope this document will provide you with a set of tools that will guide you in developing a hybrid approach to distance education in literacy training.

It introduces a new term, and accordingly, a new concept, the hybrid approach to distance education in literacy training.

This concept stems from the results of research conducted by the Direction générale de la formation générale des adultes (DFGA), of the Ministère, from 1999 to 2006 with school boards and independent community literacy action organizations.

One of the main findings of this research was that combining more than one approach is key to meeting the needs of people who have little schooling who want to engage in distance education. The research report entitled "Distance Education and Literacy Training for the Development of a Hybrid Approach," can be consulted at the DFGA.

We wish you and the adult learners with whom you will be carrying out distance literacy training projects based on a hybrid approach the best success.


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2015-04-16 Distance Education Literacy Training (377.5 ko)