Log in to the Positive – Pedagogical Materials for Secondary School

The purpose of the “Be Cyber Cool” campaign is to promote responsible use of social media by students in elementary and secondary schools in Québec.

It is part of a structured, joint approach by the school team to implement prevention measures to counter all forms of bullying and violence at school.


Date Titre
2014-05-05 The other side of the coin (426.3 ko)
2014-05-05 A highspeed photograph (634.1 ko)
2014-05-05 Slam dunk! (286.2 ko)
2014-05-05 Caught in the trap! (842.4 ko)
2014-05-05 When fiction overtakes fact (626.0 ko)
2014-05-05 Teacher's guide (1.4 Mo)