Support Offered to the School Network

The school boards and private educational institutions are responsible for training and supporting school staff (teachers and non-teaching professionals in the school).

To this end, in 2017-2018, the Ministère made the following training, support and tools available:

  • continuous access to resource persons specialized in sexology or pedagogy:
    • four project leaders (collaboration in developing training and documents for staff who provide content in the schools [pedagogical frameworks, etc.])
    • five persons providing direct support
  • on-site and distance-learning sessions for persons responsible for training in school boards and private establishments.
  • personalized support and mentoring by the Ministère’s team to answer questions that arise in everyday situations.
  • numerous training tools, including pedagogical frameworks that enable school staff to understand the educational aims of the activities and content in sexuality education, and to identify the pedagogical posture they need to adopt. They also contain concrete teaching suggestions for use in classroom activities.
  • a telecollaboration platform that brings together a variety of resources for implementing activities and content in sexuality education, according to everyone’s roles.
  • an allocation of $1 000 per educational institution to release teachers so they can take part in the training provided by their school board or private institution.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Ministère will continue to apply the support measures for the school network that were implemented in 2017-2018 (support teams, training tools, telecollaboration platform) and will also offer new measures, including:

  • enhanced financial support through Measure 15220, which allows an allocation of $25 000 per school board as well as $1 000 per school (submitted to the school boards)
  • three virtual training sessions throughout the year
  • a partnership with Tel-Jeunes to provide complementary training on adolescent sexuality for the school network