The adult’s personal plan

Whether adults seek out SARCA services of their own initiative in an adult training centre or are approached in their milieu, the plan is both the starting point and the culmination of their process.

Adults who undertake a plan may use all the SARCA services:

  • Reception (first and second level)
  • Information
  • Exploration of learning
  • Career counselling
  • Support

SARCA personnel help adults to identify, develop, organize and carry out their plans. 

However, SARCA personnel cannot work alone. They call on colleagues and partners, according to their competencies, to help the adults carry out their plans.

Action Research

  • Prioritaire: Reception Interventions in an Adult Education Centre
  • Establishing Reception Component With the Community's Partners
  • Community Animation as a tool for Building Awareness of Lifelong Learning
  • Towards a Referral Project in Rural Communities
  • Support Services for Adults with Respect to their Learning Plan: the Support Oriented Approach
  • Support Services : A Promising Approach
  • Partnership: A Complementary and Harmonized Approach to Services in Estrie
  • A Proactive Approach: Essential for the Development of Reception, Referral, Counselling and Support Services
  • Proactivity: Principles of Action Based on Experiential Knowledge
  • A Proactive Approach: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Adults in transition and their plans