Academic and Career Guidance Content

Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) is designed to guide and equip students from Elementary 5 through Secondary V in their reflection on career planning as they prepare for their future. The ACGC also contributes to student motivation and perseverance.

The ACGC was developed upon recommendation by members of the education community and specialists. It has been field tested by approximately 230 pilot schools in the public and private school systems.

Continuum of Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC)

Over the course of a school year, students have opportunities to experience ACGC as part of subject-specific learning and other learning activities. The ACGC continuum consists of 19 ACGC items. These items are compulsory, but they do not constitute a subject and are not evaluated.

The ACGC items are organized into three areas of knowledge linked by strategies that promote student learning.

Area 1: Self-knowledge

Students learn about themselves and determine their personal characteristics:

  • Interests, aptitudes, values, aspirations and strengths
  • Attitudes, behaviours or perceptions that contribute to a sense of personal competency

Area 2: Knowledge of the world of school

Students learn to be better prepared for the challenges that await them on their educational path:

  • School transitions (from elementary to secondary school, from Secondary Cycle One to Secondary Cycle Two, from secondary school to post-secondary studies)
  • Québec school system and academic choices

Area 3: Knowledge of the world of work

Students learn how to be better prepared for the challenges and requirements of the labour market:

  • Making connections between the world of school, themselves and the world of work
  • Exploration of trades, occupations and professions