Management Protocol

The Concussion Management Protocol describes each step to take from the moment of an incident to the complete return to activities. It also offers a standardized approach based on the scientific literature and best practices. The Protocol is divided into the following sections:

  • Recognition (reporting an incident and removal of the participant)
  • Observation period (checking for warning signs and symptoms)
  • Progressive return to activities (intellectual, physical and sports)
  • Medical evaluations (key situations)
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Flow chart of the stages involved in concussion management
  • Tracking sheet

The tracking sheet is a tool used to document incidents, symptoms, medical follow-up and the progressive return to activities. It also facilitate the transmission of information between stakeholders in the education, sports and recreation, and healthcare communities.

Proper concussion management contributes significantly to the healing process. It is important to recognize the circumstances and symptoms and to apply the proper procedures as outlined in the Concussion Management Protocol.