Scales of Competency Levels - Secondary School Education - Cycle Two

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These scales are no longer prescribed by the Basic school regulation and have been made available as a support for teaching.

2010-02-05Dance (13-4619-09A) (163 ko)
2010-02-05Drama (13-4619-07A) (170 ko)
2010-02-05Ethics and Religious Culture (13-4619-12A) (130 ko)
2010-02-05Français, langue seconde (13-4619-02A) (281 ko)
2010-02-05History and Citizenship Education (13-4619-06A) (192 ko)
2010-02-05Mathematics (13-4619-04A) (142 ko)
2010-02-05Music (13-4619-10A) (168 ko)
2010-02-05Personal Orientation Project (13-4619-13A) (168 ko)
2010-02-05Physical Education and Health (13-4619-11A) (122 ko)
2010-02-05Secondary English Language Arts (13-4619-01A) (150 ko)
2010-02-05Spanish as a Third Language (13-4619-03A) (248 ko)
2010-02-05Visual arts (13-4619-08A) (169 ko)

Complément d'information

Please note that:

  • Science and Technology (13-4619-05A) includes the scales of competency levels for the following programs: Science and Technology and Environmental Science and Technology, Applied Science and Technology, Science and the Environment, Chemistry and Physics;
  • History and Citizenship Education (13-4619-06A) also includes the scales of competency levels for the program Contemporary World;
  • Personal Orientation Project (13-4619-13A) includes the scales of competency levels for Exploration of Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship.