Winter fun

Play outside, be active. Have some Winter Fun!

Winter Fun is an initiative aimed at getting Quebeckers to be more physically active in the winter months. Thanks to the involvement of municipalities, sports and community organizations, elementary schools and day care services, many different activities and facilities give them the opportunity to be more active and find out just how much fun winter can be.

Last year, the more than 1 000 organizations involved in Winter Fun launched many different events offering a wide variety of free or inexpensive activities.

Why Winter Fun?

Participating in Winter Fun gives the young and young at heart the opportunity to discover or rediscover the joys of outdoor winter activities. The organizations involved in Winter Fun have the following objectives:

  • Encourage everyone to discover or rediscover winter activities that are accessible to everyone, like skating, hockey, ringette, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, playing in the snow, etc.
  • Provide more opportunities for physical activity by organizing special events and introductory and learning activities.
  • Provide more opportunities for people to be active by creating safe and accessible environments (nearby facilities and sites; convenient schedules; equipment rentals, loans or exchanges, etc.).
  • Maintain, promote and make the most use of outdoor sites and facilities.
  • Make winter more appealing by emphasizing the fun and benefits of practising regular physical activities in winter.

Last year, over 1 000 municipalities, sports and community organizations, elementary schools and daycare centres offered Quebeckers a host of free or inexpensive activities.