Training to become a CHSLD orderly


Thank you for your interest in the training to become a CHSLD orderly.

You are now invited to submit your application for admission. As the training starts on June 15, you must complete this form quickly and submit it no later than noon on Monday, June 8.

Admission requirements

Before continuing, please make sure that you meet the following requirements:

You have obtained your Secondary III prerequisites (successful completion of language of instruction, second language and mathematics courses) OR hold an Attestation of Equivalence of Studies (AES) OR have passed the General Development Test (GDT) without specific prerequisites OR have experience related to this program of study.
You are 18 years old or over.
You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

It is also very important that you be available to start three months of full-time study on Monday, June 15, 2020. 

Depending on the number of places available and whether your application for admission is eligible, you will be called regarding the selection process. During this call, you could be asked to provide a resumé (CV) as well as a short 350-word text explaining why you want to become a CHSLD orderly. You might also be asked to participate in a virtual selection interview conducted by an institution that is part of the health and social services network. Your state of health and your judicial record may also be checked.

Scholarship during your studies

Exceptionally, the training to become a CHSLD orderly comes with a scholarship. So, if you are accepted as a candidate, you must agree to:

  • be available for a full-time job (36.25 hours a week), working evenings, nights or weekends, all depending on the needs of the institution that is part of the health and social services network or the privately funded long-term care facility, for a minimum of one year after the end of the study period for which you were granted the scholarship
  • notify the institution that is part of the health and social services network or the privately funded long-term care facility within 30 days and refund the scholarship amount if you quit your training, or if you do not fulfill your agreement, unless there are exceptional circumstances

Please note that, for health care assistants already working in an institution that is part of the health and social services network, a new training session will be planned for the fall. It will begin in mid-September 2020.

Permanent code

You must have your permanent code on hand when you complete your application for admission.

If you attended an educational institution in Québec, you will find this code on your official documents, such as your report cards and achievement records. 

If you do not have a permanent code, you can get a temporary code by clicking here Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre.. This tool can be used in complete security because the information required to generate the code remains on your device only.

Application for admission

Are you ready to submit your application? Please make sure that you enter any phone number that allows us to reach you during the next few days so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

Apply now! Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre.

Please note that you are to complete your application for admission on the website of, an education system partner for over 20 years.

Some centres are not on this platform. If you wish to enrol in one of these centres, click on the appropriate link below:

Equal Access to Employment Program

We subscribe to the principles of equal access to employment and encourage women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, Indigenous people and people with disabilities to apply. We would appreciate your notifying us if you have a disability that requires a specific technical and physical set-up adapted to your situation during the selection process. Please rest assured that we will handle this information in all confidentiality.

We wish you well!

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