Creation of a monitoring committee

The ongoing improvement of student success rates demands close monitoring of the situation and the introduction of corrections if the objectives set are not being attained.

In order to provide the Minister with reliable, objective information on student retention and student success, and to propose adjustments to the paths to success based on the results observed, a monitoring committee made up of public personalities from various areas, teachers and researchers was formed in the fall of 2009.

More specifically, the monitoring committee will:

  • closely follow the evolution of the rates of success, graduation and qualifications in relation to the objective of 80% by 2020
  • analyze intervention measures developed by the school boards, data published annually by MELS and other data gathered
  • propose adjustments to the paths to success based on the results observed

MELS has also set up, jointly with the Secrétariat à la jeunesse, an interministerial committee to improve the coordination of government actions to help students stay in school and succeed, and to support the implementation of the paths to success.

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