13 paths to success

The actions in schools and in civil society that seem to contribute the most to student success may be grouped in 13 areas. These 13 paths to success are keys in the hands of the people and groups concerned, keys leading to action to reach the objective by 2020. They will be implemented according to the specific features of each region, depending on the needs of the schools and students.

They are as follows:

These 13 paths call for active participation by everyone involved and include the concerns and measures set out in the Youth Action Strategy. They are based on actions planned by all partners, so that student success is supported by a collective effort.

The proposed actions are designed to be implemented at four critical points in schooling:

  • early childhood and the start of schooling, because prevention and early screening and intervention are the first actions to take to promote success
  • the transition from elementary to secondary school, a time when the possibility of dropping out too often begins to take root
  • Secondary IV and V, when too many students drop out just before reaching the finish line, in order to provide support for those who no longer find meaning in their studies
  • when students leave school with no diploma or qualifications, in order to help them “drop back in” as quickly as possible and enable them to later make a successful transition to the job market

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