Training Options

Students in the youth and adult sectors can take one of the following paths to acquire competencies in the semiskilled trades:

Youth Education Sector: Work-Oriented Training Path

Training for a Semiskilled Trade

Training for semiskilled trades was established following the Estates General on Education in 1995 -1996. It was meant to ensure that no student leaves the education system without at least obtaining qualifications in a semiskilled trade that will allow him or her to enter the labour market.

As the name indicates, this type of training, which lasts one year, prepares students to practise a semiskilled trade. It is a work-study program comprising two courses: Preparation for the Job Market and Preparation for a Semiskilled Trade.

PreWork Training

This training, which lasts three years, is intended to develop students’ employability by enabling them to develop the competencies required in different types of workplaces. The practical training component, taught sometimes as part of a work-study program, consists of three courses: Preparation for the Job Market, Introduction to the World of Work and Work Skills Education.

During practicums in work skills education, students have opportunities to develop at least seven specific competencies required to work in a variety of semiskilled trades. Students choose trades based on their interests and abilities.

Adult Education Sector: Sociovocational Integration Service

Program of Study: Sociovocational Integration

The objectives of this program include enabling adults to:

  • practise a semiskilled trade
  • develop their employability
  • develop the skills needed to enter the labour market

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