Subject-Specific Competencies in the Semiskilled Trades

Semiskilled trades are structured in terms of subject-specific competencies. These are defined as follows:

  • Exclusive competencies are specific to only one semiskilled trade. Recurring competencies are common to two or more semiskilled trades in one or more sectors. The codes for recurrent competencies contain two or three numbers.
  • Compulsory competencies are required to work in semiskilled trades, regardless of the work setting. Optional competencies, on the other hand, can be applied only in some work settings. They are identified by an asterisk.
  • Competencies can be simple or complex, depending on the level of difficulty of the tasks associated with them. When these tasks require more in-depth knowledge with regard to aspects such as reading, writing, mathematics, difficulty of execution, planning, judgment and interpersonal relations, the competency is deemed to be at Level 2. Simple competencies are at Level 1.

Each semiskilled trade comprises between four and eleven competencies. At least one of these is exclusive, compulsory and at a complexity level of 2.

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