Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education

Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education refer to what are generally known as Concentration in Arts Education projects and Arts/Study projects. They aim to enrich students’ basic education through one or more of the arts subjects in the Québec Education Program (Drama, Visual Arts, Dance and Music).

This section concerns the establishment or renewal of a Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education. It presents the conditions for implementing and approving projects offering enrichment in one of the four arts subjects prescribed by the Basic school regulation. Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education are closely tied to school's mission and educational project. 

All of these projects reflect a desire to provide students with instruction in the arts that will help them flourish and, in some cases, prepare them for higher education in this subject area. 

The Ministère encourages schools offering this type of education to make a project approval request on the basis of the information and MELS guidelines provided in this section, even if such a request is not compulsory. However, when a Special Pedagogical Project in Arts Education includes a local program worth five credits or more, the project must be approved by the Minister.