Essential Learning

The Ministère intends to have the schools provide 5 to 15 hours of sexuality education per year. To this end, learning content has been defined for all levels, from kindergarten to the end of secondary school. As a result, all of Québec’s students will benefit from essential learning that will enable them to:

  • have a better understanding of sexuality
  • know themselves better
  • reflect on issues such as messages about sexuality disseminated in the public space, gender stereotypes and the uses of social media
  • be less vulnerable to problems such as:
    • sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs)
    • homophobia
    • sexual assault
    • unplanned pregnancies
  • develop attitudes and skills that will be useful to them now and in the future (respect for diversity, self-knowledge and self-affirmation, conflict resolution skills)

Implementation schedule

Between 2015 and 2017, volunteer schools implemented the learning content defined by the Ministère. This pilot project allowed the Ministère to identify the adjustments to be made to the learning content and the training of school staff before the content was offered in all schools beginning in September 2018. 

To facilitate the implementation of the compulsory learning content, the Ministère will continue to support schools, teachers and school staff by offering them, in particular, face-to-face and distance training as well as the associated tools. Resource persons, such as sexologists and education professionals, will also be available to assist the school system in training teachers.

Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form