Submitting a project proposal

The cultural partner and the school must prepare and submit the project proposal jointly when applying for financial assistance. The project may be initiated by either party. However, for it to be considered, the parties must have reached an agreement beforehand. The project submission must be signed by both the cultural partner and any school staff concerned, and take into account the following points:

  • a description of recent professional works by the artist or writer (mentioning the exhibition halls, venues or publishers)
  • a description of the artist’s or writer's personal creative work (including the creative process(es) involved) and the conditions required for carrying it out (space, materials, time, etc.)
  • a description of the artistic exploration work by the students with the active participation of the teacher and the artist or writer (nature of the work, groups of students targeted, materials and time required, connections with the Québec Education Program, preparation and transfer-of-learning activities, etc.)
  • a work schedule for the artist or writer, according to the following terms and conditions: a total of 20 hours per week at the school, including an average of 5 to 10 hours per week spent with the students and their teacher, with the rest of the time devoted to a personal creative work
  • a breakdown of the funding requested to carry out the project, including justification of expenses, if applicable.

Applications may be accompanied by photos, videos and additional documents not longer than four pages. For visual arts projects, applicants are strongly advised to submit a few photographs of their recent work or to provide a hyperlink to a Web portfolio.

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The deadline for receipt of applications has passed for the 2019-2020 school year.


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