Composition of Committees

The members of a school board’s or a school service centre’s cultural committee may come from different areas. However, it is recommended that the committee include at least one teacher, one school service centre (SSC) or school board (SB) administrator and one person from the arts and culture community.

In particular, the cultural committee may include: 

  • A representative of the SSC or SB administration
  • An SSC or SB staff member responsible for Culture-Education activities
  • A representative of the administration of an elementary school
  • A representative of the administration of a secondary school 
  • A preschool or elementary school teacher
  • A secondary school teacher
  • A representative of vocational training or adult general education
  • A representative of special education staff
  • An education consultant
  • A communication consultant
  • A development officer
  • A school life facilitator
  • A recreation technician
  • A daycare service technician
  • A school librarian
  • A representative of a municipal library
  • A local or regional disseminator
  • A representative from the arts and culture community (artist, writer or representative of a cultural organization) 
  • A representative of a municipality
  • A representative of an SSC or SB parents’ committee

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