School Board Cultural Committees

The main objectives of the school board’s cultural committee are to revitalize the cultural dimension of learning and to foster the integration of culture in all schools. Aware of the key role that cultural committees can play, the Ministère provides the support needed to create and operate them.


  • Set up a structure representative of the education community and the cultural milieu under the school board's jurisdiction and operate under the auspices of the school board.
  • Provide the school board with a cultural policy adopted by the commissioners’ committee and provide for its implementation by developing an action plan. To this end, a cultural committee may take the Protocole d’entente interministériel Culture-Éducation as a model.
  • Determine and implement measures aimed at promoting the integration of the cultural dimension into the schools’ educational projects.
  • Promote the Culture-Education section of the Ministère’s website, which includes various means and resources available to teachers.
  • Help the schools organize activities for Cultural Activities Month at School and prepare art and culture projects for submission for the Essor Recognition Awards.
  • Encourage the schools to use the Culture in the Schools program to carry out projects under its two components, Cultural Workshops at School and Schools Host an Artist or Writer, and to do so in conjunction with artists, writers or representatives of organizations.
  • Help schools organize cultural outings within the framework of partnership agreements and provide assistance to the regional offices of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, if necessary.
  • Help schools prepare cultural outings: making reservations, organizing transportation, fundraising, planning cultural activities, using the services of cultural disseminators or organizations, etc.