Studying in Québec

The Excellence of the Education System

Students who obtain a Secondary School Diploma (SSD) in Québec rank among the most successful in Canada and throughout the world. Several colleges and universities in Québec are recognized internationally and some are affiliated with world-renowned research centres.

Through its modern vocational training centres and institutes of higher learning, prestigious research and technology institutes, and expert teachers and researchers in emerging sectors, Québec continues to draw thousands of students each year.

The Choice of Studying in English or French

The network of Québec includes both English- and French-language institutions.

Competitive Fees

Tuition fees for international students in Québec are among the lowest in North America. For an equivalent-quality university education, it is less expensive to study in Québec than elsewhere in North America.

Quality of Life

Reputed for its wide-open spaces, Québec has become a world-renown outdoor destination. Visitors appreciate the impressive diversity of its panoramas and its rich palette of activities. Québec also offers a remarkable urban lifestyle, blending the modern aspect of North American cities with the charm of European destinations.

Safe Living Conditions

Québec is recognized for its tranquility, its sense of justice and its respect for individuals. Firearms are strictly controlled and are usually not authorized on Canadian soil. The crime rate is among the lowest in North America.

A Dynamic Economy

Québec holds a strategic position in eastern North America. It is a member in its own right of the continent’s vast commercial and economic networks. Québec offers direct access to more than 130 million consumers within a 1 000-km radius.

A Dynamic Culture

Québec enjoys a prolific, dynamic and unique culture. With a society that is increasingly diversified, cultural life in Québec includes a multitude of important large-scale intercultural and international events. Festivals, carnivals, celebrations and sports events are only a few examples of the choices available.