Toward mobilization and joint action

The school system in Québec has undergone many changes over the years. These changes have been inspired by the great social ideals of the 20th and 21st centuries and have drawn on research carried out in Québec and elsewhere in the world. Helping students stay in school and succeed is central to the concerns of a great many researchers. Their recommendations represent important avenues for planning the actions of the government of Québec. There is general agreement on three recommendations:

  • recognition of the importance of parents and the community in promoting education and providing support for young people
  • early detection of problems throughout the school years and intervention adapted to the student and the context
  • action on learning in reading and mathematics; learning related to behaviour, interpersonal relationships and lifestyle habits; and finally, students’ involvement in school and extracurricular activities

This is the direction the Ministère is taking in proposing mobilization and joint action by all players, so that measures are taken in the classroom and the school and with families and the community.

The main challenge of the school boards and schools is to implement practices that have proven effective, are based on the fundamental conviction that all students are capable of persevering in school and succeeding, and draw on the expertise, creativity and dynamism of the education community. Providing support for students and teachers is also of crucial importance.

In this context, the government has decided to annually invest important sums of money. It will begin by substantially reducing the number of students per class in elementary schools in disadvantaged areas and by providing individualized support in secondary schools.

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