A single clear message

Education is essential

Parents’ commitment to their children’s schooling is a determining factor in students’ success. Everything must be done to involve parents in school life and to make them key partners in their children’s success in school. The education community and its partners in civil society, the health sector, community organizations and the business world must also work together to promote the idea that education is essential.

Education is the source of growth and the freedom to choose one’s path in life in accordance with one’s dreams and aspirations. This message, which was stated by Québec Premier Jean Charest in the context of the 2009-2014 Youth Action Strategy Investing in Youth: Empowering Québec’s Future, must be followed up by everyone—ministers, members of the National Assembly and mayors; administrators and managers in school boards, schools and businesses; teachers, nonteaching professionals and support staff in schools and school boards; but above all, by parents and those close to young people.


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