Path 1 - Promote education throughout Québec and encourage students to stay in school

The education community and all its partners will be asked to join forces to prevent more than one quarter of Québec’s young people from leaving school without a qualifying education every year. Young people will receive an unequivocal message: School is essential and the knowledge and culture they acquire there are synonymous with growth, freedom of choice and accomplishment.

A provincewide campaign

Several actions will be undertaken simultaneously to highlight the value of education, public schools and teachers. These actions will take the form of:

  • a Web site stressing the value of education and staying in school
  • messages in the electronic and print media aimed at mobilizing the general public
  • theme campaigns focused on reading, staying in school, the teaching profession and access to vocational training

Bringing together parents, teachers and business people

In the fall of 2009, the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports will visit the regions to meet with teachers, parents and students. She will take advantage of these meetings to sensitize people in the business community about the need for mobilization on this issue.

Commitment of employers

Student retention and student success are of direct concern to employers, who are being asked to make a social commitment to hire graduates or qualified employees and to support a balance between work and study for employees who wish to continue their education. Employers are also asked, as part of this commitment, to limit the number of working hours for young employees so that they can give priority to their studies. To recognize employers’ efforts in this direction, a standard will be developed in the context of an ISO-type certification.

In the effort to reduce the number of dropouts and help students succeed in school, several organizations and partners in the Lanaudière region have come together as CREVALE, a regional committee dedicated to the promotion of education. The committee carries out promotional campaigns and awards certificates to regional businesses that encourage people to obtain their first diploma or qualifications.

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