Prevention of abuse, harassment, negligence and violence

In Québec, thousands of young people, volunteers and paid staff participate in organized sports and recreation activities. Volunteers (coaches, officials, administrators, etc.) and paid staff devote much of their time and energy to young people, reflecting their sense of social commitment. Their roles give them a strong influence over the young people and children in their care, since volunteers and paid staff alike become models to emulate, are often viewed as heroes and sometimes even act as confidants.

Unfortunately, the fields of amateur sports and recreation, like other areas, experience situations in which children become victims of the many varieties of abuse, harassment, negligence and violence. 

Actions and commitments

With the Policy on Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation, the Concerted Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. and the Government Strategy to Prevent and Counteract Sexual Violence 2016-2021 Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre., the Ministère has committed itself to carrying out a range of actions to prevent abuse, harassment, negligence and violence in the fields of sports and recreation.

With the objective of providing a healthy and safe environment for the practice of sports and recreation in all possible contexts, the Ministère favours a participant-centred approach whereby sports and recreation organizations adhere to and promote the following principles:

  • respect for individuals and for their physical and moral integrity
  • zero tolerance of all forms of violence whether psychological, physical, sexual, or involving negligence
  • the personal development and growth of individuals through participation in healthy, constructive and safe activities
  • a vision that goes beyond performance to focus on well-being

Ministerial statement with respect to the protection of personal integrity in the context of sports and recreation

In order to adopt a clear position against violence and to take whatever steps are needed for them to meet their responsibilities, sports organizations are invited to fill in a form stating that they adhere to the Ministerial statement with respect to the protection of personal integrity in the context of sports and recreation (In French) and to establish: 

  1. an integrity protection policy including an independent complaints management mechanism for use in situations involving abuse, harassment, negligence or violence  
  2. a policy governing the verification of judicial records (screening) that will apply to all administrators, staff and other individuals who, in their capacity as volunteers, act on behalf of the organization, either in their interpersonal relationships or with members 
  3. awareness-raising, information and training measures with regard to the protection of integrity

Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form
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