Biography of Dollard Morin

“Recreation is a way of life and volunteering is one of the best motivators.”

Dollard Morin, also known as Monsieur Loisir was born in Montréal on February 1, 1916. After receiving a classical education and training in philosophy and theology, he obtained a BA from Université Laval and then rounded off this basic training with a variety of recreation internships and courses.

In September 1940, Mr. Morin began his career as a journalist with the Montréal daily La Presse. In 1995, he wrote the first of some 8500 regular columns on recreation, which earned him the moniker “Mr. Recreation.” On February 1, 1981, he went into retirement but would continue to write for La Presse on a freelance basis.

In tandem with his work as a journalist, Mr. Morin was a lecturer for over 25 years in various schools and, in this capacity, helped train monitors and volunteers specialized in the field of recreation. From 1962 to 1984, he taught at the École des guides touristiques de Montréal.

In 1967, the Québec Premier invited Mr. Morin to join a special committee whose work would eventually lead to the creation of the High Commission for Youth, Recreation and Sports. This became the present-day Secteur du loisir et du sport of the Ministère.

If you think that with all this activity Mr. Morin had no time for other things, think again! With his inexhaustible energy, he worked for over 25 years with numerous sports and recreation groups and as a volunteer with many other organizations as well. He also served as president of the Fédération folklorique du Québec and as governor of the Fédération des loisirs-danse du Québec.

Dollard Morin died in April 1992. After this brief overview of a life so devoted to the world of recreation and volunteer work, you can see why his name is associated with a volunteer award in the field. A Montréal municipal park was also named after him in 2010. In short, he is still very much alive in our memory!

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