Additional credits in secondary school

Information for parents

The Ministère grants students additional credits in secondary school for programs offered by private institutions supervising instrumental and vocal music studies. Students may therefore obtain recognition for the musical instruction they receive on a lesson-by-lesson basis. To find out more about obtaining recognition for extracurricular music studies, please go to page 124 of the Administrative Guide for the Certification of Studies and Management of Ministerial Examinations.

How does one go about obtaining additional credits?

The private institution supervising music studies sends the student's marks in writing either to the student or to the private school attended. The student or his or her parents must then request that the school enter the appropriate credits into the student's record, using the form Request to Obtain Additional Credits in Music. This is found on page 187 of the Administrative Guide for the Certification of Studies and Management of Ministerial Examinations.  Please note that this form can be used for students in Secondary I to Secondary V.

In Secondary I, II and III:

The institution records the results in the student’s report card, using the assigned course codes.

In Secondary IV and V:

The school reports the marks earned in music studies to the Ministère using the course codes that correspond to the level at which the student is enrolled and that are reserved for the use of each of the accredited institutions. For example, if a student is enrolled in Secondary V, the course codes for Secondary V must be used in sending the marks earned in music studies.

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