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All of the programs of study in the Languages subject area share the same goal of helping adult learners communicate with ease and clarity by promoting the development of competencies in oral communic  

Secondary Cycle Two - Diversified Basic Education

The Diversified Basic Education Program for Secondary III, IV and V is an adaptation for adult learners of the Québec Education Program, Secondary Cycle Two, for the youth sector. Thus, the subject ar  

Administrative aspects

The school must contact the artist or writer as soon as a reply to the application for financial assistance has been received, and must sign the agreement only when the project has been approved. If t  

Eligibility conditions

To be eligible, projects must meet all of the following conditions: It must present the steps related to their preparation, implementation and transfer-of-learning phases. preparation phase:  

Submitting a project proposal

The project proposals submitted must be in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the school board or the Direction de l'enseignement privé of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Ens  

“Fair play counts!” Contest

Are you participating in the Winter 2015 Jeux du Québec or are you simply interested in sports? Put your fair play know-how to the test by checking off the correct answers on the “Fair play counts!” q  

Québec School System

Québec’s education system includes preschool education (kindergarten), elementary and secondary school education (including general education and vocational training), college education (including pre  

Conditions of Eligibility

The following groups and organizations may submit a project:  any team representing a French or English elementary or secondary school in the public or private sector, or a group of such schools  

Lauréates de 2012-2013

Contact us 1035, rue De La Chevrotière Québec (Québec)  G1R 5A5 Responsables du concours Courriel Prix Agriculture, pêches et alimentation du ministère de l'A  

Submitting a Project

Step 1 The students involved in the project, or the person in charge, must:  prepare a description of the project in audio, video or written form where necessary, attach appendices, visua  

Selection Criteria

Selection committees composed of representatives from organizations and associations will consider the projects on the basis of the following elements:  Scope Projects that encourage learnin