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Questions? – Hats Off to You!

When does the Contest close? March 10, 2017. What is the right way to submit an application package? The application package must be submitted online using the online regist  

Les droits de scolarité à l'université

Établissements d’enseignement universitaire Depuis l’automne 2008, il existe deux volets pour les montants forfaitaires exigés des étudiants universitaires étrangers inscrits au 1 er  cycle : u  

Vous bénéficiez déjà d’une exemption

Durée de l’exemption Chacune des exemptions des droits de scolarité supplémentaires est accordée pour une formation à temps plein d’une durée maximale : de trois ou quatre années consécutives  

Social sciences

The Social Sciences subject area focuses on essential knowledge related to citizenship, rights and responsibilities, democratic values and characteristics of a collectivity. It focuses on various soci  

Mathematics, Science and Technology

The programs of study in the Mathematics, Science and Technology subject area provide unique opportunities to develop rigour, reasoning ability, intuition, creativity and critical thinking skills thro  

Personal Development

The programs of study in the Personal Development subject area enable adult learners to develop values such as commitment, self-affirmation, solidarity, equality and respect, and qualities such as sel  

Mathematics, science and technology

The links between the different subjects in this subject area have become stronger over time. The real-life situations addressed in the programs of study of this subject area are complementary and tog  

Career Development

The programs of study in the Career Development subject area give adult learners opportunities to develop their personal and occupational identity. Through exploration, reflection and experimentation  

Social Sciences

The programs of study in the Social Sciences subject area help adult learners construct their world-views by giving them opportunities to grasp the complexity of phenomena associated with human commun