Teaching authorizations

The Ministère is responsible for issuing teaching authorizations to individuals who are entitled to them under the Regulation respecting teaching licences.

There are different types of teaching authorizations:

  • the teaching diploma
  • the teaching permit
  • the teaching licence
  • the provisional teaching authorization

The teaching diploma is a permanent authorization. The teaching permit, the teaching licence and the provisional teaching authorization are temporary authorizations and are thus renewable under certain conditions.

The teaching diploma and teaching permit are issued to graduates of a recognized teacher training program in Québec or elsewhere.

The provisional teaching authorization is issued to individuals enrolled in a teaching program in Québec at the bachelor’s or master’s level.

Lastly, the teaching licence is issued to individuals who are enrolled in a vocational training teaching program in Québec and who have completed at least 90 of the 120 credits of a bachelor’s degree in vocational training.

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