The role and mandate of private institutions supervising music studies

Private institutions supervising music studies are not music schools in the strict sense of the term. Their role is not to teach music firsthand but to provide programs that ensure high-quality private instrumental training. This music instruction is provided by private music teachers who teach on a per lesson basis, in their home, or at a specialized educational institution that is part of the school system.

These specialized educational institutions must be supported by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC).

External programs are offered by a network of private teachers who are not part of the teaching staff in the school system, and instruction is provided in a location other than the school in which the student is enrolled or on the institution’s premises.

Their mission is:

  • to provide networks of private music teachers or music schools with programs designed to prepare students for college-level music studies
  • to provide standard evaluation methods to be used by all affiliated teachers
  • to monitor teachers' use of the programs provided
  • to ensure the implementation of individual instruction programs outside the school system

The profile of the majority of these institutions is as follows:

  • Their head office is in Québec or they have a collaborating partner in Québec.
  • They are associated with a postsecondary educational institution (CEGEP, university, conservatory).
  • They possess and develop a network of qualified private teachers.
  • They establish partnerships with private music schools.
  • They offer programs that satisfy the Ministère's requirements.
  • They cover a territory where the need for private music instruction justifies an application for accreditation.

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