La Société musicale Le Mouvement Vivaldi

For more than 45 years, the Société musicale Le Mouvement Vivaldi (SMMV) has been involved in supporting and developing the teaching of stringed instruments, specifically the violin and viola, using its own unique teaching method.

This program is distinctive in being accessible to students from 3 years of age (sometimes even younger) to 77 or older. A very flexible program for instrument study allows students to progress at their own pace without placing them in a position of failure. The Société prides itself on accessibility and quality of teaching. Year-end recitals are compulsory for all students enrolled in the SMMV and allow the institution’s education consultants to monitor students' progress and the quality of teaching they receive.

The SMMV has a permanent secretarial office that provides educational services for teachers and takes care of the association's administrative tasks.

The Société musicale Le Mouvement Vivaldi is also recognized by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications as an educational support organization.

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