Conservatory Canada

Conservatory Canada's roots go back to 1891, when the London Conservatory was first founded. In 1910, the London Conservatory affiliated with the University of Western Ontario and became an examining board. In 1915 that affiliation was dissolved, and in 1919 the London Institute of Musical Arts was founded. In 1922, the London Conservatory and the Institute of Musical Arts amalgamated and the resulting organization existed until 1934, when it was incorporated under the name Western Ontario Conservatory of Music. Its reach became truly national in 1997 through a merger with the Western Board of Music.

Conservatory Canada is a not-for-profit, federally incorporated institution offering programs of study, evaluation and recognition. Its teachers are professional musicians.

Conservatory Canada promotes achievement in music through a comprehensive program of study, evaluation and recognition for teachers and students. Our aim is to foster the development of musical talent and potential.

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