Submission of applications and financial aspects

Submission of applications

  1. The Ministère notifies school boards of the funding they will receive, the criteria the projects must meet and the guidelines for the projects’ presentation.
  2. The school board asks its elementary schools to draw up homework assistance projects that respect the guidelines and criteria of the Ministère and any additional criteria the school board has established, and provides the support needed.
  3. The school defines its project, has it approved by the governing board and submits it to the school board.
  4. The school board studies the projects submitted in light of the Ministère's and its own criteria, respecting the maximum budget set by the Ministère.
  5. Using the form on the Collecte-Info site, the school board submits the relevant information concerning the accepted projects to the Ministère before November 30.

Financial aspects

The school board will receive the allocation in advance, based on the number of elementary schools and students on September 30 of the preceding school year.

Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form