Administrative aspects


Projects must be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Thematic and Interdisciplinarity component. Schools and school service centres (SSC) or school boards (SB) may begin their project once they have received a reply to their financial assistance application. The SSC, SB or educational institution must enter into a service contract with the cultural service provider. Before embarking on a project, the parties must agree on the following elements:

  • project dates
  • duration of the project (number of weeks, whether they are consecutive or not)
  • related fees and expenses
  • terms and conditions of payment
  • materials required and the terms and conditions of purchase, which take into account what the cultural partner needs to carry out the project
  • obligations and responsibilities of the SSC or SB and the cultural partner
  • copyright and the dissemination of the work
  • clauses respecting contract termination or assignment or cancellation in the case of superior force

The contract must be adapted to the specific nature of each project. The advice of a legal professional may be required regarding certain aspects of the law.

Questions relating to contract management must be put to the contract management advisor at your SSC, SB or educational institution.

The school, SSC or SB may request a Declaration Concerning a Judicial Record before allowing an artist or writer to carry out a project in a school. The artist or writer is responsible for the costs applicable to this verification, and the procedures involved are specific to each SSC, SB or educational institution.

Payment methods

  • Unless the cultural partner provides instructions to the contrary, the SSC, SB or educational institution is not to make any deductions at source when paying fees.
  • The SSC, SB or educational institution applies the management rules in effect and reaches an agreement with the cultural partner on a lump-sum payment.
  • Cultural resources should receive payment for their fees and expenses incurred no later than 30 days after the completion of the project, provided that all required supporting documents have been provided to the satisfaction of the school organization.


  • There is no official report required at the end of projects. However, a feedback form will be sent to schools and cultural partners so that comments on their experience can be gathered.
  • Supporting documents for expenses incurred must be kept, as the Ministère may ask educational and cultural partners for them.

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  • The deadline for submitting projects is
    October 15, 2022.
  • Announcement of results:
    Beginning of December 2022.


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