School Board Cultural Committees

The main objectives of the school board cultural committees are to enhance the cultural dimension of school boards and to promote the integration of the cultural dimension into the schools. Aware of the key role that they can play, the Ministère is lending its support to the creation, operation and development of these committees.


  • Provide the school board with a cultural policy adopted by the commissioners’ committee, provide for its implementation and update it every 10 years.
  • Identify and implement measures aimed at promoting the integration of the cultural dimension into the schools’ educational projects.
  • Encourage the teaching staff to plan cultural activities for the students and then re-channel what they learned into classroom activities.
  • Promote the Culture-Education section of the Ministère’s website, which includes various means and resources available to teachers (through the Culture in the Schools program, field trips to cultural venues and the Essor Recognition Awards) and assist schools that would like to organize activities with these means and resources.

Contact us

Tel.: 418-644-5240, ext. 2516


  • Deadline for submitting financial assistance applications: June 1, 2020.

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