Support Materials: A Few Examples

Training on:

  • Violence: understanding, prevention and intervention
  • The intervention strategy for healthy, safe schools (a structured and concerted framework)
  • Guiding and supporting school communities in implementing their strategy to prevent and deal with violence

Workshops on:

  • Mobilizing the school team to develop and implement an intervention strategy
  • Helping the school team to avoid suspending and expelling students
  • Preventing violence and encouraging harmonious relations: early intervention with children aged 4 to 8
  • Guiding students from childhood through to adolescence: the transition from elementary to secondary school
  • Helping school communities to develop agreements with law enforcement officials concerning police intervention in educational institutions.


  • Self-portrait of action taken by the school to prevent and deal with violence
  • Self-portrait of forms of violence in the school

Other tools

To obtain these documents, contact your school board, which will direct you to the appropriate resource-person.

Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form