Annual Report

The annual report was introduced by the Ministère in order to maintain contact with the administrators of Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education throughout the projects’ period of approval and as a way of establishing meaningful collaboration with the educational institution. The annual report is a communication tool for measuring consistency with the QEP and the effectiveness of the school organization that has been put in place.

The annual report must be submitted by June 30 of the second and third years of the approval period. In the fourth year, the school must prepare an Application for Project Renewal. In the case of a Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education in a school established for the purpose of a specific project under section 240 of the Education Act, the report must be submitted in the second year of the approval period, because the third year is reserved for the preparation of the Application for Project Renewal.

Preparing the annual report

The annual report is usually drafted by the committee that prepared the application for approval. It takes into account the suggestions for pedagogical development indicated in the letter that followed the evaluation of the project.

Submitting the annual report

The annual report must be signed by the school principal and the director general of the school board. In the case of a private institution, it is signed by the school head. The report is send to the MELS, by September 1 of the following school year.

The Special Pedagogical Projects in Arts Education monitoring committee sends project administrators an acknowledgment of receipt and comments. Annual reports received late will not be reviewed during the year in progress.


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Date (s)

Deadline to submit the annual report: before June 30 of the following school year

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