The Organizational Competencies of the Reception, Referral, Counseilling and Support Services : Towards Model of Lifelong Learning Intelligence

What we are proposing here is a Lifelong Learning Intelligence Model. This is a primary services model. It requires specific organizational competencies. It confers on the RRCSS a priority role as strategic lifelong learning watchers, both with respect to the individual, to bodies internal and external2 to the world of education.

In order to optimize the development of a culture of continuing education and training, this model has been based on four visions of the indissociability of links between the self and the environment. This indissociability is now recognized as essential to the design and operationalization of a primary services model. At least this is what has been stated by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. Following an exhaustive survey of the literature and a broad study, it proposed a taxonomy of models for primary services. In particular, it concluded that: one model is not enough; the most optimal combinations are those that associate a person-centred model with another focusing on the environment.


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