The Catholic Committee's Response to Bill 118

This response focuses primarily on Bill 118, but also on the recently published document by the Minister of Education titled Responding to the Diversity of Religious and Moral Expectations.

From the outset, the Catholic Committee has recognized the quality of the democratic process that led to the Minister's orientations. We also acknowledge the extensive research undertaken to determine the principles for an agreement concerning the place of religion in the schools. The polarization of the different points of view made this task very arduous. We recognize that the proposed solution is a compromise and will not fully satisfy all parties. Furthermore, it would be unrealistic to think that a position that obviously favored one group over another would be accepted.

While the Catholic Committee is satisfied with several of the Minister's decisions, it finds others problematic. The following comments will present the Committee's response from a perspective inspired primarily by an interest in the education of young people and by a desire to be open to change, while remaining faithful to the principles of social equality and respect for the will of the population.


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2013-08-21 The Catholic Committee's Response to Bill 118 (32.5 KB)