Taking an Active Approach to Change - Orientations for the Professional Development of Teachers

In-service teacher training has a long tradition in Québec. Therefore, this document does not claim to establish guidelines for a totally new concept, but rather aims to revitalize a process in need of change, given the current context. It is important to revitalize this process now because the ability of schools to meet the enormous challenges facing them is keyed to the professional growth of their human resources.

Because teachers are in daily contact with students who must prepare for tomorrow's world, they are likely to feel the need for professional development more acutely. Their role is changing. They must, for example, develop the skills needed to ready students for life in a knowledge-based society where varied and complex skills will be expected of individuals, citizens and workers alike.

In such a constantly changing environment, teaching professionals must of course teach, but they must also learn in order to be able to take up the new challenges before them. In short, they must choose to take an active rather than a passive approach to change.

This document sets forth the principles and orientations which will provide the framework for the establishment of a policy on the professional development of teachers in Québec.