Results on the June Uniform Ministerial Examinations

The results presented in this section should make it possible to assess the performance of schools with respect to academic success. However, this information should be used with discernment, taking into account the factors indicated previously, which can affect students’ academic achievement.

It is easy to find specific schools, as they are all listed by administrative region and in alphabetical order. Overall results for English school boards have been grouped under the region of the school board’s head office; however, data for each school can be found under the region in which each school is located.

The results for all of Québec, presented at the beginning of each table, include all results obtained during the June examination session. Results for the public school system, also presented at the beginning of each table, do not include those for the Cree School Board, the Kativik School Board and public institutions outside the jurisdiction of the Ministère, which are not published in this report.